Artistry of distilling small batch rum

Artistry in distilling Smooth Sailing Rum From the moment I concocted my first drink, I was in love with the idea of making my own unique creations. Starting with a little moonshine from a friend, I mixed in some Kool-Aid. These contrasting ingredients were the unlikely inspiration for my career. Thus began an artistic journey in mixing and distilling spirits that culminated in the creation of Smooth Sailing Rum.

The process of distilling Smooth Sailing Rum is truly an art form. The essence of creativity is captured in the nuance of rich toffee flavors present in the dark golden rum. With each batch I distill, I am like an artist creating an original art project. Like other artists, my work is authentic and handmade. Unlike other artists, my work is not a painting, sculpture, or musical score. My artistry results in a one-of-a kind velvety rum perfect for sipping and mixing.

The beverage industry has grown automated. The industry norm is to craft spirits in vast tanks and pour the beverage into bottles whizzing past on conveyor belts. In our automation-driven existence we have forgotten that not everything needs to be mass produced. Crafting Smooth Sailing Rum is a work of art manufactured by hand. Sure, automation is used to some extent, but generally, this is a labor-intensive and creative process. Each batch number is written on the bottle as a testament to its small-batch authenticity.

Mass-produced food and beverages are all around us. Smooth Sailing Rum is different. It’s made by people, not robots. Be proud to display this in your liquor cabinet. Be proud to serve it to family and friends, knowing the artistry that’s behind every sip of the rich toffee rum.

-Curt Naegeli

ABOUT: Smooth Sailing Rum is a premium, toffee-flavored party spirit that is perfect for sipping and mixing. Meticulously crafted in small batches, Smooth Sailing Rum is distilled without the harsh bite of alcohol or a sharp aftertaste. Smooth Sailing Rum is available at Festival Foods stores, Woodman’s Markets, and other fine stores in Wisconsin. Ask for it.