Imagine yourself sailing…

Imagine yourself sailing along in light winds, on a sunny day. The sound of the boat slicing through the water and the gentle winds whisping at your ears. The Sun is bright and you can see deep into the water. Smooth Sailing implies the steady wind forcefully pushing you to your next destination. Dolphins frolic at the bow seemingly playing in the wake the bow makes. A dolphin swims on it’s side and looks you right in the eye, which creates the feeling of a deep emotional connection to the ocean. Birds drift effortlessly over head always searching for that next meal.

Enjoying the tranquility on board after the anchor is deployed and secure. Time to enjoy Smooth Sailing Rum. A great splash off the port side, a giant Eagle Ray comes crashing down after a extraordinary leap into the air. You closely watch the sunset and hoping for a glimpse of the illusive Green Flash. Mesmerized by the stars as the Heavens just seem to open up, drawing you closer. Motion in the water creates bio-luminescence, a beautiful blue-green neon glow.

You launch the dinghy for the trip ashore is part of the Smooth Sailing lifestyle. Feeling the easy motion of surfing along through the waves. You arrive on a new shore for the first time. Trudging off to find the first adventure in this place. This exploration is to meet new and unique people. Getting invited to dinner at a new friends house is one of the highlights of the Smooth Sailing life. Learning how the locals earn a living, and make their way in the world. No day is complete without a frolic on the beach.

Your search for food continues, on the Smooth Sailing lifestyle with a short fishing expedition or snorkeling for a conch, lobster or another scrumptious morsel. The feeling of slipping into the salt water; warm and inviting. The underwater world is a new dimension with new creatures. You effortlessly glide through the reefs witnessing the industrious activities. A Barracuda is your escort on this underwater excursion, always watching. Back on board, you grow your own vegetables, a variety of nutritious sprouts. Anchoring close to an onshore population means that you can buy vegetables and some may be rather unique.

Follow along with Smooth Sailing Rum’s adventures as we explore the world. View the pictures and read the stories of Smooth Sailing Rum’s adventures on its quest for places off the beaten path. Meet new people and a different way of thinking: through the eyes of the native peoples and foreign cultures.. View the natural world from unique perspectives.

When we speak of drinking Smooth Sailing Rum, we say, Anchor’s Up! Whether we’re drinking a shot with friends or having a drink with a loved one. Introduce your friends and family to this exciting new Rum and dare to live on the edge.

Anchors up – may your sails always be full.

Ask for it at your neighborhood liquor store!

Please live Responsibly